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2007-08-29 21:34:55 by nocius

Hey guys,
just wanted to introduce myself here. As you have probably read in my description, I'm a 19-year old musician from Cologne, Germany - more precisely St. Augustin, in a lovely borough called 'Mülldorf', which would literally translate to 'Trash town'.

I'm composing video game music for five years now. Started with general japanese-style video game music vastly inspired by Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda - but over time I've created some kind of own style for my music.

At the moment I'm graduating high school, it's my final year now.

My dream is to become a professional musician one day. Be it as a singer for my two rock bands or as a soundtrack composer. If you do like my music and have the certain connections to bring me one step closer to this dream, I'd be happy if you'd recommend my music :).

Still, I hope you like my music. Feel free to comment me or send me messages. Constructive criticism wanted.


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2007-08-30 16:09:24

Yeah, I wish you luck on your quest to become a professional singer. Start posting some music here and I can rev. them for you. Looks like your a singer too so I want to hear what your voice sounds like. Unfortunately about getting noticed...extremely hard. Even if you were the best artist getting all top 50 spots on NG, you would still go unnoticed to the music industry. That's where money comes in for advertising your stuff. I know newspapers allow you to submit music to the author of the article section who grades it. That's the only cheap affordable method I know. Have fun on NG and bye for now.

(Updated ) nocius responds:

Thanks for your comment :).

Truth is, I uploaded my music two days ago and it's still not acknowledged :(.

I hope it gets accepted to this site soon. I've been a fan of Newgrounds for quite some time and I felt my music is in the right place here. I'm not missing a possibility to get some people in touch with it, even if it's only a few.

I know it won't be the big step I'm actually looking for, but this site is fun and the audio community is constantly growing here. Better be a part of it, I think :).

I don't think my music is that big of a deal. More or less generic video game music. But still, you may judge it once it's been approved.

I won't be uploading vocal music up here, so you might want to add me in ICQ (#: 116985384) or MSN (nocius@hotmail.com), so I can send you one or two examples.