Yeehah! Back for good!

2007-12-03 11:01:49 by nocius

Yeah, yeah. It's been awhile.

Not that I haven't composed any music, not that I haven't been trying to upload my music and forgot about this site. I just forgot my password and was too lazy to recover it. Thank god (or whatever god you worship) I found it again, so I could upload my latest compositions.

Not that there's an overwhelming reaction on this site. I found it to be quite the contrary, with little to new response to the music I upload. But that's okay, if only one person listens to the songs I put up here, I'm satisfied.

I'm currently working on three soundtracks, one for the epic space shooter 'Havoc Zone', it will feature a mostly chiptune / rock based soundtrack, then there is the sci-fi RPG 'The Other Side' which will feature a more or less ordinary RPG soundtrack - and then a handy game for a commercial company. Since these songs are commercial, I can't upload them here, sadly.

Still I hope some of you will take the time and listen to the tunes. Constructive criticism is always wanted. For now, I say: Have a great time :).


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