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Lounge Act Lounge Act

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome musicianship.

You belong to the most brutally underestimated musicians here on Newgrounds, there is absolutely no reason people keep giving you these low scores.

The fact that this song had a voting of 1.xx (before I voted, that is) is proof that the audio rating system here on Newground is a fraud. With cheap-ass trance songs and absolutely monotonous video game tunes scoring the first places here on the portal, one should really think the system over again.

About the tune:
The composition is really suiting and coherent. You could really imagine this as a soundtrack for some lounge or as a background for a shopping mall or elevator. It has this absolute relaxed and positive flair to it, which I really like.
The guitar gives a nice background fundament to the song, along with the very neat processed drums. The organ does a neat thing to the atmosphere, it really contributes a lot to the character of the tune.
What really stands out is the bass work. The bass is absolutely brilliant on this tune. It has just the right amount of leading the tune melodically, but also stays true to its function as rhythmical fundament. Brilliant!

As I said, you're brutally undererstimated. Perhaps you should download Fruity Loops and make fourteen techno songs a day, I'd imagine you'd be first place in an instant ;-)!

@the review below me:
Yes. Low master volume justifies a rating of 4/10. It's all about master volume. May I now instantly love Manowar, because they have the highest master volume of all? If I record a sound of me shitting and turn the volume up that much that your speakers break, will you rate me 10?

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Sentinel94 responds:

Well, I'm glad that there are people like you around. The rating was really getting me mad, and yes I am kind of agreeing with you that the music system has its flaws. The problem is that there are too many people who submit and then want their songs to look higher, so they vote 5s on their own and bunk the rest. As for your comment on fruity loops, my friend TGN (read my news if you want to know more) uses it and I'd like that as another DAW (digital audio workstation). Just gotta keep waiting for that imac!

CR34T10N CR34T10N

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Nice arrangement, awful guitars.

Please, why is everybody using these malicious Slayer-VST-FL-Studio-guitars? If you ever listened to rock music you would notice that they do NOT in any way sound like real guitars but like synthesizer bullshit. No offense.

The arrangement and composition is okay - up to a certain point, not superb, but okay. The drums are a bit monotonous, a bit variation would be helpful.

The song quality really decreases rapidly at 01:46. Instead of variating your song with new riffs or melodies, you keep adding really cheaply sounding synthesizers - they seep completely out of place in a song which is supposed to sound like rock. This can especially be seen at 03:16 when this really cheap Sytrus preset lead synthesizer plays alone. Use something more quiet and delightful here, a piano, perhaps a clean guitar or harp - but not these awfully cheap VST presets.

Variation and better instrumentation are the keywords here. The song isn't bad, just not good executed. You have the talent to do so, so search for some guitar players and keep rocking :)

Experiment-D responds:

well unlike some people
i dont have the recording equipment to add in real guitar
ive been playing for 6 years
id love to add my own ( i know itd sound way better with my own guitars not synth shit)
im stuck with this for now
and i know the quality sucks
cuz of the 8k policy i had to downsize the file

Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2 Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Okay composition, bad instrument quality

I seriously can't see how thing song is able to get that high a scoring here. It sure as hell isn't a bad composition, I find the song itself only to be completely ruined by it's way too artificial instruments.

First of all, the composition may be not bad, but it's certainly not good. There is little rhythmic variance, the guitar almost plays (with exceptions) notes with the same duration - and the monotonous drum scheme only contributes to that. There a little to no surprises, the listener knows exactly what to expect.

The next point is the lack of other instruments. Of course, this song is called Guitar vs. Piano - and you have these two lead instruments in the foreground. But a simple bass instrument would have helped a lot. Right now it sounds like two instruments playing somewhat random notes without structure.

Let's get to the main point of criticism. What ruins the song for me is the guitar. As a guitar player, the sound hurts my ears. It's just that no matter how much effort you put in it, you can't simulate or sample a guitar. Abandon all your software samplers, vst instruments or plugins when it comes to electric guitars and get yourself a good guitar player. There are enough. Nothing can make a song sound bad like an artificial guitar - and especially that Slayer thing which comes with Fruity Loops. Also, the way it's played is very uncommon for a guitar, it does sound like some techno-ish / chiptune music to me, not necessarily something that would fit to a guitar.

The piano quality is okay, it suits this song well, way too much reverb for a 'normal' piano - but right here, it works.

What could you do to improve the song?
It's quite simple: Redo the song, this time add some structure to it. Add some variation to the drum scheme. It lacks overall depth, think about better samples here. Write the guitar line so that it fits with an actual instrument - and search someone to play it for you.

I don't mean to offend you, you're not a bad musician, certainly not. But you definately have to make your music sound less artificial and add a human touch for it. Or make 'real' electronic music, which also works. But don't cross borders here.

Keep it up :).

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Killed In Your Sleep Killed In Your Sleep

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good riffing, bad recording quality

The riffing is well done, the different licks flow nicely. The leads contribute to the atmosphere of the song.
I like how you processed the drums, even though they still sound a bit articifal to me.

Still, you need to improve your guitar sound. It has absolutely no presence and no power. It's overly distorted, still distortion doesn't necessarily mean energy. If you improved that, mic-ed it better and improved your mixing it could be much better ;).

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks man. There was no mixing on this. I had killed my hd..and was in the process of testing out new equipment. I still have yet to get the hang of it..but getting better. The distortion isn't mic'd. I was testing out amplitube's muscles. I don't really like it because as you say, too much distortion. haha. Anyways..Thanks for the review man. I shall return the favor when you upload some tunes. Also, check my other shit..(the non tests...some better stuffs there)

Thanks again\m/